About Us

Da Vine Foods began with two friends in the kitchen; sharing life, gourmet meals, and cocktails at sunset. With their lilikoi vines producing an abundance of passion fruit, they instinctively started to experiment using this tangy, yet delightful, juice.

After they created the first “Lilikoi Cocktail Mix” they began sharing it with friends and family. Everyone told them, it was truly “liquid gold!” Enthusiastically, they insisted the founders share it with the world! So that is exactly what they began doing.

They have created each product with the idea of enjoying great family and friends and scrumptious food along with the amazing tastes of the tropics. All their products have been hand crafted in small batches on the Big Island of Hawaii using local products. Da Vine Foods products are all naturally gluten free.

Come along with us; enjoy life with family and friends around the dinner table or on the porch watching the sunset. Don’t forget to include Da Vine Foods tantalizing products into the mix. We will be there enjoying life, in the same way, right along with you.